Kansas Wolf Spiders

Picture of a Kansas Wolf Spider

The not so Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Wolf Spider

The phrase “enough said”, comes to mind when thinking of this arachnid. Seeing this large bodied spider with long sturdy legs suddenly running across the floor of your house freaks most of us out. Because the wolf spider hunts for their food, they are able to run rapidly to catch their prey.

Though most of us don’t spend too much time looking into a spider’s face, the wolf spider’s eyes are noticeable. They have eight eyes, lined in three rows. Four small eyes are on the bottom row. Two very large eyes are in the middle row and two medium sized eyes are on the top row. The position of their eyes gives them a 360 degree view of everything around them.

Their coloring can be from gray to brown with markings or stripes. They can be found throughout the United States.

During the summer months you will see their tunnels at various spots around your lawn. These nocturnal ground dwellers, do not spin webs but hunt, preying upon unsuspecting insects.

It is usually during the fall when they become a pest, invading houses looking for a warm place to spend the winter.

Though the wolf spider is large and frightening, they are not poisonous. If by chance you do get bitten, always watch for signs of reactions, as every individual is different.

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